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As the title might indicate, this post is about not only the book but also the blog.  The word Dystopia means in its most basic translation, anything that causes a less than ideal situation.  I had to move recently and therefore my internet access has been spotty at best, this would be a Dystopian situation for this blog itself.  But delving further into this there are many things lately that are cause for this post, but more than that I hope to bring a lot more information to you over the coming weeks and months.

Many of us are feeling like some kind of cloud is hanging over the world these days, there is much that is taking place at home and abroad that had been giving many feelings of dread.  Well my friends, I fear many things have been coming to pass that are indeed indicators of a world spiraling into some kind of troubles. 


Many fear, this is the Beginning of the End.  That mankind is finally going to burn itself out and send ourselves into oblivion.  Possibly that a E.L.E. event is coming that will rival the age of the dinosaurs.  No matter your thoughts on this topic there are a few things all of us should keep in mind.  First thing is “Shit Happens”, yep I said it, tossed it right out there like word vomit…”Shit Happens.”

But what you ask?  What is it that will or could happen?  Well….who knows but think of it this way.  Have you ever lost your job?  Had an injury that caused you lost wages?  Ever had to fix your car unexpectedly?  These are all examples of a dystopian moment in your life.  Times when had you had some extra groceries on hand or a few extra bucks in the bank you could have barely noticed the hiccup.  Unfortunately, most do not do so.  What happens to these folks when something like the photo above depicts?  Most likely?  They will die in the first few days or weeks of any major event…Yep I said that too!

book front

The book Dystopia: The Beginning of the End is a scenario about such things.  For a look inside this scenario read on.

Excerpt from Dystopia:Beginning of the End

Chapter 15

“Surely the best way to meet the enemy is head on, in the field and not wait till they plunder our very homes.”
-Oliver Goldsmith

The next morning Rebecca, Matt and Cameron went down to see how the father was doing, pick up the kids and see about their water and heat situation. They were thinking maybe they could do what Jeremy had done in the windows. Cameron obviously had a crush on the girl and Rebecca had encouraged him to come along. When she went in to see how their father was doing she was surprised at how much better he was. She checked his bandages and his wound and was also impressed at how clean it was.
He was sitting up and thanked her for all of the help. She told him her name was Rebecca and that Matt and Cameron had come to help see about water and heat for them. He nearly cried thanking them for all their help telling them that they were the Wilsons. “This here is Mary and I’m Bert.” Matt told him he should thank the kids; they were the ones that found them and brought them to help.
Saying, “Now they are also coming up to help in the garden and get some hunting in for your family.” They told them they would return the next day with some things to hopefully make things easier for them. Bert and Mary both thanked them again and told the kids to behave.
As they were leaving Mary approached Matt and asked “Before you go can you help me with the fire out back. I need to boil some bandages and water.” Matt said he would be happy to. When they got out back he noticed that most of the wood was pretty green and they would need an accelerant. Going into the bathroom he returned with an empty toilet paper tube some cotton balls, Vaseline and nail polish remover.
Everyone wanted to see what he had planned. Explaining that the accelerant could not just be poured on the wood as it would simply burn off the accelerant and would not catch the wood. He took the cotton balls and slathered them in Vaseline, then stuffed them into the tube. Afterwards he put a little nail polish remover on the last cotton ball, set the tube under some dry tinder. He took out his knife and sparked the flint on the back of his magnesium fire starter keychain. Poof! It caught immediately, and as the tube slowly burned it caught the dry wood.
As he stood everyone clapped, he had not realized he had gained an audience. Matt bowed for his fans and shooed them off. Mary asked him how he had learned to do that, and Matt laughed “purely by accident.”
Mary had a quizzical look so he explained “Dez and I were out camping with some friends and I went into her pack for some Advil. When I opened the bottle it was not Advil but cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover. Silly but she told me that she did not like to have ugly nail polish so she kept it just in case of a chip she could just take it off.”
He continued “since I had it out she decided to use it and tossed it in the fire after. It lit up before it even hit the fire; I had not realized how flammable acetone was till then. But it burned up fast. I experimented with other things and found that Vaseline is flammable but much slower burning and voila, instant fire starter.” Mary was both amazed and grateful. She thanked him for all they had done, and hugged him as they left.

From this scenario and various others throughout the book, many things can be improvised to help us better prepare ourselves.  Our goal is to always take care of our families and keep them safe.

Yes guys, this it’s a shameless promotion for my book.  But before getting all ruffled, and while you’re right there is no real meat to this article but it did give you a cute story about a firestarter…I’ve seen this in action and it works.  On a more serious note there is a mentality in the public that some invisible entity is going to come in and fix everything when the world does go off kilter.  You and I know this is just not realistic.  Moving forward I hope to bring you many more posts and hopefully I can share some good information.

While I am working on setting up a “Blog Tour” to highlight some of these improvisations in the book for later in the month I wanted to give my readers a hint of what the blog tour might have in store for them.

This particular piece is pretty self explanatory about different ways to start the fire.  More importantly the importance of thinking “outside the box” when you are put into a situation where what you might consider the “norm” might not work. In future posts I wish to highlight and give the full DIY instructions and some links to help you better utilize these things.

Please look for the Blog tour Dates to be posted soon.

If you would like to read more from the book Dystopia: Beginning of the End by DJ Cooper it is available now on AMAZON.

A book signing tour is being scheduled so you too can get your own, personalized, signed copy of this, the first book in the Dystopia series by DJ Cooper. I will be signing with another author, B.C. Lauer, who’s book “I Overthrew The Government and This Is How I Did It” also available now on Amazon.

DJ Cooper

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