The Self Sufficient home

The self sufficient home.
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

The self sufficient homeThis week on Surviving Dystopia I discussed the art of self sufficiency!

What exactly is it to be self sufficient? Personally I think there are many “degrees” of self sufficiency. While to one person it might simply mean that they do not need assistance to live. They can do it all by themselves, not needing to rely on outside assistance. Whereas to another it could be a completely off grid existence.

I wanted to delve into the world of “off grid” for a moment. The whole concept is so huge, we could not possibly cover all of the aspects and implications of it in a single hour. I do however, think we can gain a wealth of knowledge just by scratching the surface.

The self sufficient home 1200x1200So for a quick overview of the points I’d like to touch upon let’s look to the most basic of aspects which will include location and what you might want to be mindful of when choosing your homestead property. Energies, like looking at Solar for not only electric applications but for hot water and heat as well. Wind for its multitude of applications including electric generation and we’ll pumping as well as concepts in hydro power and Geothermal uses… and possibly even a little ideology just to make things interesting.

The self sufficient home Homestead PlanI think what might also make things interesting this week will include, planning your homestead. Many people can grow food, set up solar panels, catch rain water and do it almost anywhere, but lets talk about the ideal off grid or self sufficient homestead or lifestyle or making the best usage of a smaller homestead.

7-14-15 419cQUmab-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_So many of the things we take for granted these days like electricity and even water are just one Dystopian moment from gone.

Why not find ways to keep your own personal utopia. so this Wednesday join me in discussing ways we all can make our lives a little more self sufficient with a self sufficient home on the next episode of Surviving Dystopia.

I discussed a lot of things on this show about being self sufficient and would like to share some links to the information I found on some of the topics discussed.

See some of the upcoming shows for more information on much of these things and more.

Join your host DJ Cooper for Surviving Dystopia


from Popular Mechanics

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Rain water

Love the rain barrel guide

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