Edmund Kelly

Featured Author this week on the Written Apocalypse we welcome Edmund Kelly, author of the book Addiction & Pestilence – Book 1

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     This book is the first in his series titled, Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell. *He notes that the term Slaying Dragons has two meanings. 1st – To overcome addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. 2nd – To defeat evil or the devil.

About the Author:

     He grew up poor in a small town south of Boston with a very abusive father who would basically torture him and his sister and. He always found himself daydreaming trying to escape the hell found himself living in. His mom borrowed Stephen King’s The Gunslinger from the local library when he was about nine or ten years old. Loving it, especially the part about Jake escaping his world and into another. It was the good vs evil that he loved. His mother would always take them to the library every Saturday morning. She’d ask about the books we borrowed and encouraged them to read. The library provided him with an escape from his life. Finding himself drifting towards Stephen King’s books. He read Cujo which scared the hell out of him. Getting a book from school that was a post-apocalyptic story, about a man walking in the desert/barren land and he was being hunted by a man in a jeep. Thinking it was so cool that the guy buried himself in the sand to hide, killing the man in the jeep with a crossbow; wishing he could remember the name of the book so if any readers might know it please share.

After high school he joined the Marines. Later working in Boston as an EMT. He eventually turned to alcohol to deal with what he’d endured as a child. Having always been fascinated with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse he wanted to write a post-apocalyptic series about them. Once sober his wife suggested he write that book he was always talking about. It happened, he sat down to write but it felt like it was missing something. One Sunday morning sitting in an AA meeting it hit him. What if every character had some form of addiction to overcome while they tried to survive a great pestilence (plague) that had been released by the first Horseman. He based the main character, Drew, off of himself. He sat down and the story just poured out. Writing has been a great therapy for him and he is currently working on the second book, Demons & War in which the characters must now face their own demons as they try and survive the wrath of the second Horseman who has brought war.

The third and fourth books are already conceptualized, titled and somewhat outlined.

  • The 3rd book will be titled, Famine & The Struggle Within
  • The 4th will be Death & Redemption.

Addiction & Pestilence was 2nd place Winner for Best Dystopian Fantasy in the 2017 Virtual Fantasy Con Awards and was a finalist for Best Horror in the 2017 Best Excellence Awards.

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